Spirit Pro

Designed for the most demanding pilots.


The unit can be used on virtually all common helicopters and aircrafts while aiming for a bigger models. It is the best unit for 550+ helicopters.

Extremely rigid

The unit is made of very durable materials such as AL6061-T6 aluminium alloy. Enclosure is manufactured by the high precision CNC machines.

Full of features

You will get all the features for free with no additional fees including full-featured Rescue system, Governor, Integration with radio and more.

For helicopters

Can be used on all flybar and flybarless helicopters with 3-4x cyclic servos and 1x tail servo whether you are beginner or advanced 3D pilot.

For aircrafts

Just by flashing Aero firmware you can fly with your favorite fixed-wing model with 2-5x servos. Enjoy everything you know from Helicopter world including Stabilisation and Rescue modes.

For professionals

Spirit Pro has enough available ports to cover all your needs. You can set up 5th control servo and even driven retracts or lights.