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Available Features

For all Spirit units.

  • R/C Models: Helicopters from 130 to 800 size; Aircrafts with 2 to 5 individually controlled servos
  • Platforms: Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS, WP, SailfishOS, FreeBSD, Raspberry Pi and more
  • Receiver connection: PWM, PPM, Futaba S-BUS, Spektrum DSM2/DSMX, SRXL, JETI EX Bus, UDI, Graupner SUMD, JR X-Bus
  • Servo parameters: Analog and Digital; 1520/960/760us @ 50 - 560Hz
  • Swashplate types: CCPM 90/120/135/140° or with no mixing
  • Swashplate phasing: Adjustable from -90° to 90°
  • ESC telemetry: Castle Creations, HobbyWing, Scorpion, Kontronik ESCs
  • Radio integration: Spektrum, Jeti Duplex, FrSky (OpenTX) and Graupner HoTT
  • Governor: Electric, Nitro and Gasser Helicopters
  • Rescue: Reliable, full-featured, vibration resistant, automatic collective pitch; 2 modes
  • Stabilisation: For beginners, advanced and scale pilots; 5 modes
  • GPS: Navigation, Automatic Rescue, Return to Home and much more with GeoLink module
  • Super-smooth flight control.
  • Configurable Paddle simulation.
  • Flybar mechanics support with all features.
  • Extreme vibration immunity for all models.
  • Intelligent Vibration Analysis for model diagnostics.
  • Flight Log with recorded events.
  • Easy configuration with the Setup Wizard.
  • Smartphone or tablet support via Bluetooth or Wifi-Link.
  • Bank Switching and Real-Time Tuning.
  • BEC tester with load verification.
  • Easily updateable.


Compare the units

µSpirit Spirit Spirit Pro Spirit 2 Spirit RS
Servos (thr. excl.)44544
Spektrum sats1 (3*)1 (3*)2 (4*)2 (4*)2 (4*)
BEC connectors22333
Max. Voltage3 - 15V3 - 15V3 - 15V3 - 15V3.2 - 10V
Processor210 DMIPS96 DMIPS210 DMIPS210 DMIPS210 DMIPS
Sensor9-axis Fusion6-axis9-axis Fusion12-axis Fusion12-axis Fusion
BrownOut ProtectionStandardStandardStandardExtendedExtended
Ideal for130 - 250 Heli
Light Aircrafts
250 - 550 Heli
500 - 800 Heli
250 - 800 Heli
250 - 800 Heli
Int. SBUS Invertor
Radio integration
ESC Telemetry
BT/WiFi support
GPS support
Redundant power
All-pin protection
2.4GHz Receiver

Processing power

All our units are equipped with the fastest 32bit ARM processors available on the market. All Spirit units are computing the data in two cores!

Sensing precision

Through the extensive testing and validation process we have found unbeatable sensor. Rotate as fast as +/- 2000°/sec in any direciton, if you can.

Always for free

You will get all the updates for free, always! You can use any version with no limits. All features without any additional fee.

Online support

By selecting us, you will get full support and in any language. We are helping with any problem, until it is solved.

Team Pilots

We are proud to have these awesome pilots in our team!


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