Spirit Aero

Specially designed unit for the aircraft models.


Very reliable design that is working for thousands. The unit that can be used practically anywhere due to its very small dimension of 32 x 26 x 14 mm.

Extremely rigid

The unit is made of very durable materials such as AL5754 aluminium alloy. Enclosure is manufactured by the high precision CNC machines.

Full of features

You will get all the features for free with no additional fees including full-featured Rescue system, Stabilisation, Telemetry, Integration with radio and more.


Practically identical with Spirit units for helicopter models, but with special modifications for aircrafts.

For aircrafts

The Spirit Aero unit can be used on any aircraft model with 2 to 4x servos. It is perfect for your flying-wings, EPPs, gliders, jets and more.


With Aero firmware you can fly with your favorite fixed-wing model. Enjoy everything you know from Helicopter world including Stabilisation and Rescue modes.

For unbeatable cost

There is no other unit that will provide you similar amount of features at the same level of quality and for such price.