Nils Knuth


I was born on 12. august 1998 in Bielefeld/Germany. I started to fly helicopters 4 years ago in summertime.

Why I like the unit?
Well. I like the Spirit, because the flight feeling is really cool, the precision in hard maneuvers is awesome and you can change many settings. The Spirit is great for all flight styles.

Last events:

  • Heli Masters Nördlingen
  • Heli Masters Venlo
  • Rotor live
  • 3D Xtreme Valencia

Thomas Kiedrowski


I was born on 17.11.1998 and live in Leopoldshöhe city. I have been flying since August 2013.

Last events:

  • Modellflugshow Oerlinghausen 2015
  • Rotor Live 2015
  • Helitreff Celle 2014/2015
  • Alpine Heli Smackdown 2015

Lukáš Vacek

Czech Republic

I live in Letohrad, it's small city in Czech Republic. I was born on 24.2.1994. I have been flying for many years and today I fly for KDS with Agile 7.2 and little Chase 360.
I have chosen this system, because it is very easy to set up. Spirit system is the best choice for me. Control is smooth yet still holds precisely during hard and difficult maneuvers. I am very happy, that I could be a part of the Spirit team.

Last events:

  • Trnávka FUNFLY 2014
  • 3D Cup 2014 Helimasters France
  • 3D Cup 2015 World Edition

Ulrich Westenfelder

I was born on 14.06.1972 and live in Bielefeld city, Germany. I have been flying since 2010.
I have been a Compass Field rep since 2012 and a Zeal Field rep since January, 2015.

Daniel Puls

I was Born in Herford, Germany in 1984, and have been flying helicopters since 2011.
I have been flying for Compass as a field rep since 2013.
In 2012 I started flying with Helitec Blades and since 2015 with Zeal Blades too. During all these steps it is still a lot of fun because there is no limit of skill. I love to visit the events and provide support. Seeing all these great people and pilots is a pleasure.

Our last events:

  • Compass Treffen 2014
  • Taiga Treffen 2014
  • Modellbaumesse Bad Salzuflen 2015
  • Rotor Live 2015 Iffezheim