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Spirit Aero trials.
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Author:  donskills [ Thu 31. Aug 2017 21:58:29 ]
Post subject:  Spirit Aero trials.

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I now have 35 flights with a uSpirit in a HyperBipe foamie and 4 flights with a SpiritPro in a PA KMX. I have another 54 earlier flights with a Aura8 gyro in the KMX and am so quite well aquainted with it. Flew 2 flights each with both this evening and it was quite windy but both planes coped wonderfully. My last prior, longer outing was with dead calm weather all day and I had an absolute blast. The Aura was still in the KMX at that time and comparing basic performance there is no difference between the gyros that I could tell directly. I do on the other hand feel that the heading hold mode of the Spirit is doing something! I need to get the KMX out in calm weather for a good couple of flights to see if I can pin point what I am feeling. Will definitely try to get some footage. Small planes have never been this much fun!!

Author:  ZeXx86 [ Fri 01. Sep 2017 22:53:10 ]
Post subject:  Re: Spirit Aero trials.

It looks just awesome!
Very nice photos and especially models :)

Thank you for keeping us updated!

Author:  donskills [ Fri 22. Dec 2017 10:36:01 ]
Post subject:  Re: Spirit Aero trials.

The fleet has grown with a PA Ultimate AMR v2 ans the uSpirit is now in it. I am really longing to put some flights thru it, only managed 2 trim flights as of yet.
For fun I read the BD Cortex manual. Interesting how they recommend Rate mode for regular aerobatics and only seem to use heading lock for their Hold Mode (if I understood what I read. The Aura8 I had in the KMX is strictly rate and it was working well. Switching to Spirit late yhis season, I have not got enough flights to pin point any differences in feel. I am thinking of setting up a mode with rate on the AMR to see differences in flight. Hoping for some mild and calm weather!

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Author:  donskills [ Thu 28. Dec 2017 22:23:32 ]
Post subject:  Re: Spirit Aero trials.

I have now got the AMR flying superb. I have mixes (which are still needed with gyros) set up so she will knife edge straight all day. An interesting detail I have noticed with this airframe is how the hold is working. I have been taking off in a side wind the last two days and I see how the plane will hold a fixed angle on the fuselage and maintain it flying forward and not "adjust itself" as it would in rate mode. Tomas, you have implemented your hold mode nicely as it is very functional. I have not started to wring this plane out to see if the hold can help or hinder certain manuvers, but I will. AFAIK, BD only use rate mode as recommended "no wind", aerobatics, flying mode and hold for "HOLD" as they call it that locks the aircraft in an attitude. I do not know how much control you have with the sticks in HOLD mode on the Cortex and if you can fly with it.
The Spirit approach is different in that heading hold is recommended as standard mode. This makes a whole lot of sense for me coming from helicopters and having used gyros extensively on them, always on heading hold.
I am thinking of setting up a flight mode in rate mode to feel the difference but will wait a bit, its too cold and I am having too much fun getting to know both plane and gyro better.

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Author:  ZeXx86 [ Thu 28. Dec 2017 23:02:11 ]
Post subject:  Re: Spirit Aero trials.

Your models are looking very well!

Generally we recommend heading lock mode since it can give simulator-like behavior for beginners or anybody that likes it. Rate mode is fine too, but requires a proper trimming.

Regarding visibility of corrections you mentioned - for this the best thing is to make the mechanics as smooth as possible so that even the smallest corrections are possible easily. It is similar to helicopters where also the servo speed can do significant job.

On the other hand, when using Rate mode, the corrections shouldn't be visible.

Author:  donskills [ Sat 30. Dec 2017 0:20:01 ]
Post subject:  Re: Spirit Aero trials.

All the rudders on both planes are silky smooth. On the AMR the servos pull 4.1kg @0.15sec/60deg. Maybe slightly faster servos? They seem to move at lightning speed now! I have been thinking about it, I have only used the Spirit on 3D planes with massive aileron authority. Both rudder and elevator axis are incredibly locked in and smooth on both the KMX and the AMR and both display that similar attitude on the aileron axis. I only started to tweak gain on the AMR since I got oscillations on the ail axis from the first flight. On the KMX it just worked so I have just left it. I dont have that many flights on the KMX with the Spirit and have not tweaked it. Am I wrong in thinking that the aileron axis on a aeroplane is the fastest/most rudder area acting on it moving axis, especially on a 3D plane with oversized ailerons, 4 in the case of the AMR. I do not know what the Spirit looks like in say a warbird or any plane with more normal ailerons. The "twitch" for lack of a better word is by no means a deal breaker but if I could tune that down/out in the gyro it would make the system damn near perfect!
It is mid winter but no snow here so its damn near impossible to get someone out to film for me. I flew with a guy today with a warbird foamie with a AS3X gyro in it (AS3X is a rate gyro I think) that flew quite nice.
Or is it as simple as me switching to rate mode? I feel I would like to stay in hold! I got another 10 flights in today. Absolutely love the AMR/Spirit combo.

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