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Bug in Servo Limits
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Author:  threeDfreak [ Sun 17. Jun 2018 19:59:33 ]
Post subject:  Bug in Servo Limits

i have found a Bug.

In the setup there is the point where you set the right and left servo limit for the rudder/aileron/elevator.

It was always strange why that not work as i wound. Now i found the reason.

When you set the right limit it is the left limit. And when you set the left limit it is the right limit. All the other way ;) For example you can set the right limit for rudder to zero angle. Then you think the rudder go zero angle to right. But you can see that the rudder go zero to left.


Author:  ZeXx86 [ Mon 18. Jun 2018 7:21:50 ]
Post subject:  Re: Bug in Servo Limits

Isn't your problem caused by a wrong servo reversing?
Or just by wrong servo connection?

Nothing changed for long time there and all other people before you had no problem.

Also it is very dependent from which point you are looking at the model and the limits :) Same as in helicopters.

Author:  threeDfreak [ Mon 18. Jun 2018 8:28:07 ]
Post subject:  Re: Bug in Servo Limits

i dont think that should be so, or it is really confusing :)

maybe the right an left thing is to difficult to explain.

when you set the first limit of the rudder the rudder travel in that limit. You can set now this limit. But when you are done you can see that that limit is in the other direction. I have two Spirits and there is the same problem. With Spirit Pro i dont have check it.

Author:  ZeXx86 [ Mon 18. Jun 2018 13:40:37 ]
Post subject:  Re: Bug in Servo Limits

It should immediately show the limit so that control parts are moving and showing you the limit.

Are you running the latest version 1.3.0?

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