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[ Spirit Aero 1.1.0 released! ]
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Author:  ZeXx86 [ Sat 04. Mar 2017 16:33:31 ]
Post subject:  [ Spirit Aero 1.1.0 released! ]

Version 1.1.0 was released!

It brings many new features and improvements:
  • Brand new Graupner HoTT integration:
    • Full integration with HoTT radios without any limitations!
    • Computer is not needed at all!
    • Configuration anywhere and anytime directly in your radio.
    • Works with a different Receiver protocols - PWM, PPM, SRXL/SUMD.
    • Support for nearly all HoTT transmitters (all with display).
    • Telemetry support out of the box.
    • No need to update transmitter or receiver.
    • Big thanks to Graupner and TomasN.
    • For more info please check the HoTT integration guide [Heli guide].
  • OpenTX Integration:
    • Added full support for Telemetry - unit will provide own data.
    • Vibrations visible as Fuel.
  • Graupner SUMD protocol:
    • Channel mapping was modified so that no assignment changes are needed from clean radio profile.
    • Channel travel and reverses were modified so it will fit out of the box with clean radio profile.
    • NOTE: Radios MX-12/MZ-12 will require to set Gyro Gain to Channel 7 in the Channels.
  • Rescue and Stabilisation activated by a Separate channel:
    • From now you can select which way you want to activate Rescue or Stabilisation modes.
    • You can select any available channel for activation.
    • New special function "F: Stabi function" was added for this purpose.
    • Very easy configuration described in our Guide, including old way.
    • Old way (by Negative gyro gain) is without any change.
  • Rescue mode:
    • New parameter Rescue throttle that can over take throttle control upon Rescue activation (0% is disabled).
  • Vibration Analysis:
    • Plots saved in the Vibration Analysis now contain Axis label and Vibration level.
  • Improved Setup Wizard:
    • Setup Wizard has more usefull hints for beginners.
    • Links for manual and guides embedded in the software.
  • New Servo List:
    • New comprehensive Servo List [Heli] specially tailored for Spirit units.
    • Any missing servo will be added to the list.
  • Software enhancements:
    • Connection stability with the Wifi-Link module was improved, especially during inactivity.
    • Diagnostic tab is now displaying current mode more clearly - Head-Lock+Rescue, Head-Lock+Stabi., Normal, ..
    • Diagnostic tab is now displaying Unassigned state for Banks when unused.
    • When there is a problem during flashing, more helpfull instructions are provided.
    • When configuration is not saved during Bank channel assignment during Bank Comparison, window is not displayed.
    • Software can open http links in a Web browser.
    • When firmware and software versions are not matching, more details are displayed.
  • Wifi-Link module:
    • Support for the latest 1.1.0 firmware.
    • New parameter "P: Rescue throttle" for Real-Time tuning added.
    • New function "F: Stabi function" for Real-Time tuning added.
    • Diagnostic tab is now displaying current mode more clearly - Head-Lock+Rescue, Head-Lock+Stabi., Normal, ..
    • Stability improvements in the Web UI.
  • Wiki Pages:
    • Front page of the Wiki was redesigned to get overall overview.
    • Improved manual graphics style.
    • New Wiki pages.

You do not have to change any settings after the update from previous version. Please verify special functions in the General/Channels (if assigned).
Graupner SUMD users will need to update their channel mapping, channel reverses and travel to default.

Update for the Spirit units, Wifi-Link and OpenTX Integration is available in our Download section.


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