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PostPosted: Wed 16. Jan 2019 22:50:13 

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It would be very helpful for us to be able to have an option in the software to disable autorotation bailout if not needed, or to change the throttle % at which it remains active.

Specifically for Nitro and gasser helis. Many of our engines will not idle below 12% throttle so ARB is always active. Yes you can change the throttle endpoints so that your idle would be at a lower throttle percentage but it would be easier not to have to do that. Or simply a check box in the software to disable ARB. Or an option to change the minimum throttle value needed to have it active - so that for nitro machines it could be 15% or so instead of 12%.

PostPosted: Thu 17. Jan 2019 21:02:40 
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thank you for the suggestion.

We will consider the option, especially setting up the value for Autorotation Bailout. Right now it is intentionally at the certain percentage, because if pilot is struggling to idle the motor under 12% it mean that the setup is not really correct. So allowing higher percentages mean likely the Throttle travel is not right.

The difference between engines is in that carb valve allows more travel than is really needed - changing at the beginning is doing nothing from mechanical point of view.

The carb should be configured so that at 0% it is completely closed, while at 1% it starts to be really (optically) open. If there is problem with idle even at around 10% it mean that at for example 0 - 5% the carb is still rather closed and nothing changed. So first 5% is useless.

So such hard value helps to not make mistakes in this basic setup, since more variables mean unfortunately more possibilities for error. Because if something does not work, the first thing pilots are doing is to try to change some values instead of think about why it is not working properly.

The same extreme could occur also at the 100% where e.g. 90 - 100% is doing nothing. So then things like overspeeding can happen, because even if governor is trying to decrease throttle from 100 by 5%, the carb is still fully opened even at 95% instead of reacting somehow.
So we prefer that the setup is rather made really correctly.

Sadly there are many areas where people are making mistakes despite clear recommendations in the manual. So our main goal is actually to simplify the things yet make the performance as good as possible.

Adding special function to fully control the Autorotation could be good option as well.

Spirit System developer

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