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Trex 500 dom spirit pro stab issue
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Author:  steph621 [ Mon 29. Jul 2019 19:57:27 ]
Post subject:  Trex 500 dom spirit pro stab issue

Hello everyone

I have the spirit pro and very new to the interface and have set it up for sports flying with stab enabled

After test flying and few asjustments i have the Dominator trex 500 flying very nice so i am very pleased with the spirit pro

The problem/ issue i have is with the stabilisation when enabled hovering is fine works well but if i move into forward flight nose down and leave go of the cyclic stick the heli will stay nose down it will not return to center

this also happens in revers flight when i pull back cyclic tail down and let go of the stick it will stay tail down

The c of g is on the main shaft

hope someone can advise on this issue i have looked on this forum for simular issues but found nothing

I have attached a setup file

thanks in advance

dom spirit test file.4ds [255 Bytes]
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