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Rudder not responding to Failsafe setting
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Author:  Scott H [ Fri 20. Sep 2019 0:24:28 ]
Post subject:  Rudder not responding to Failsafe setting

I'm running Jeti DX 14 and R3/RSW receiver with latest Jeti firmware 3.25 and Spirit 2.6.3 with the corresponding bin file in the Tx.
I'm running the throttle channel in channel 1 of the Rx and contolling the governer with a Futaba GV1 also with the Tx.
Receiver is running in ExBus with output period of 17ms.

I set the throttle failsafe in the Rx, that seems to be working fine when I turn power off to the Tx.

In the Spirit setup software (General Tab - Channels button)I set the position of the failsafe for all channels: rudder, collective, roll, and elevator and then saved the changes to the unit.
When I test the failsafe by powering down the Tx, the collective snaps to position, and the collective servos slowly amble to the set positions (roughly 1.5 seconds). However the rudder will not return to servo center.
Does this behavior correctly describe that failsafe is working properly for the collective servos?
Would you have any suggestions that I can try to get the rudder to correctly failsafe.

Author:  ZeXx86 [ Fri 20. Sep 2019 8:54:44 ]
Post subject:  Re: Rudder not responding to Failsafe setting


rudder servo should not move to the center actually. This is because you have Head Lock mode configured, so the rudder is just maintaining current position. Your rudder channel is in the middle which mean no command to the rudder. And it is behaving identically in Failsafe too.
Other behavior would be rather unwanted because yorr model will fall without any control in tail axis.

To achaieve that tail will move to the center you can just switch Gyro Mode to Normal/Rate. But there is no sense for this I guess.

Author:  Scott H [ Fri 20. Sep 2019 11:23:49 ]
Post subject:  Re: Rudder not responding to Failsafe setting

Right, so that makes sense, I would rather that the tail hold position in the sky during a radio out (failsafe) condition. Thanks.

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