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Custom wire for HW ESC telemetry
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Author:  xoexoe [ Thu 16. May 2019 19:29:13 ]
Post subject:  Custom wire for HW ESC telemetry

I see in the manual it is not recommended to create your own custom wire for Hobbywing ESC telemetry. The instructions say the +DC voltage wire from the program port should NOT be connected. Okay, I get that. Voltage is probably too high and it would damage those sat pins.

My question is if I just manually remove the red power wire from my custom cable that I want to make, is that good enough? I’m comfortable doing this and take full responsibility if I break it.

Doing so would leave the ground and signal wires. from the ESC. Can I just hook up the ground and signal to JR to tiny-JST-whatever plug? This would be for both a Spirit-Black and a µSpirit.

Okay, a separate question.. is the ground wire absolutely necessary here? On my ikon2 I did essentially the same thing, removing power wire but also removing the ground wire because that’s what everyone said to do. (Instructions weren't that clear on it.) Worked great. Can the same thing be done here so that I can just reuse my custom ikon2 cable which would only have the white signal wire from the HW ESC's programming port going to the Spirit's sat port? Or does the sat port require a ground because otherwise the signal would be floating?

Author:  ZeXx86 [ Fri 17. May 2019 18:24:07 ]
Post subject:  Re: Custom wire for HW ESC telemetry


you can use your current cable very likely.
Ground signal is not absolutely necessary.

Author:  xoexoe [ Fri 17. May 2019 19:36:11 ]
Post subject:  Custom wire for HW ESC telemetry

Thanks! That’s good to hear. Really I’m just making sure that the pre-built one you sell isn’t magical somehow, meaning it doesn’t have any hidden logic boards in it.

I just realized though that the iKON instructions had me take the signal wire from the ESC and bring it to one of their data pins, and I believe of the 3 data pins, the one I needed to use was not in the “normal” location (eg, I needed the third data pin on the FBL whereas the signal wire would normally come into the second pin, or something like that).

Anyway, this means my actual wire won’t work, but I can at least create a new one by just cutting the DC voltage wire and make my own custom one.

Much appreciated!

Author:  ZeXx86 [ Sat 18. May 2019 9:00:47 ]
Post subject:  Re: Custom wire for HW ESC telemetry

It isn't a magic cable, but it must be definitively correct otherwise serious damage could occur.

You are welcome.

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