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Tip Over After Update?
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Author:  Old Swashplate [ Thu 07. Feb 2019 18:23:53 ]
Post subject:  Tip Over After Update?

After the update to 2.6.1 on my Align 470LT I'm having an issue, she wants to tip forward before lift off. :o It was flying fine before the update. I have a GeoLink installed but not activated and no, I don't have any Stability enabled. I did save my previous setup and tried using that but it still wants to nose over. I also restored the factory settings and did a complete wizard setup (three different times now) with the same results. I've set up this heli before with a BX and then the Spirit and had no issues, everything is correct setup wise (head geometry/servo throw) but she still doesn't want to fly now. The strange thing is it was fine before the update and it seems to be fine on the bench, the swash moves and responds correctly.......any ideas? I'm sure I'm missing something simple. JW

Author:  Old Swashplate [ Thu 07. Feb 2019 21:23:04 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tip Over After Update? SOLVED!

I found it. I had the mounting direction reversed and didn't realize it. I was trying to take a screenshot on my Mac of the channel assignments screen and used a keyboard shortcut that evidently reversed the mounting direction. Guess that's what I get for rushing through the setup, not once but three times? Huge brain fart......anyway She's flying again, just like before. Like I said, must be something simple and it was. OK, I've had my bout of stupidity for this year...... :oops:

Author:  ZeXx86 [ Thu 07. Feb 2019 22:08:14 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tip Over After Update?

Thank you for the message.

Yes, the update will never change anything on its own until it is stated in the Release Notes.

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