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PostPosted: Sun 01. Jul 2018 19:17:43 

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Hello everyone, I hope this can be helpful to everyone. I mean to say that I did all these tests, just because I had 3 crashes due to loss of radio signal (satellite and dx8 gen2 on microspirit), I started to investigate and I made a lot of cross checks, but many, and many tests.In the first did not exceeded the bec meter tester in the control unit, and from the log I always had two warnings, Signal lost receveir and power low, then I found out that it was my inadequate Ubec only 5 amp like peak, and I solved that problem.
I DO NOT EXCEED THE BEC TESTER in soft of the unit without two warnings in the log, now I exceed it, since I changed ubec

But there was another problem in the log, every time that connect the battery and initialized the unit often happened to me that in the log, just before flying, right at the desk, with the unit connected to the PC, that the first warning in the log was "RECEVEIR SIGNAL LOST", say that on 10 times I connected the lipo at least 3 the log gave me this warning. I tried to change the satellite,(original and new) then I changed the satellite, then I changed the controller (esc), I disassembled the servos,(to reduce absorption during initialization) and I had always this warning in the log, and I could not understand why. In the end I disassembled the unit I took it to the desk, as photos, and I did other tests, many, just a lot, I connected and disconnected the battery continuously to try to understand, how come in the log I often came out that warning, immediately to the first line of the "receveir signa lost" log. My tests consisted of trying to touch the wires of the satellite to see if there were any false contacts, and I tried to change many threads (all new wire) to connect the satellite.

At the end I discovered that the problem of warning in the log immediately manifests itself to the first line as soon as I connect the lipo, if during the initialization of the unit it moves even a single mm .I tried hundreds of times to repeat this test, and at the end I came to the conclusion that the unit just connects unit at the lipo does a whole series of tests on the doors ,(i think mapping doors) and as soon as the unit (I believe except the internal accelerometer) notes a slight movement, it triggers the "receveir signa lost" event in the log.
I do not know if this is normal, but at least I understand why.

Then finally there is another problem, which always in the log, and without servo of tail mounted, often comes out the warning "limit rudder reached", and this I do not think is normal, they are always tests that I did at the desk, without moving the unit , and I repeat the disassembled tail, and detached servo tail from the socket.

I hope I have an answer. My comments are only towards the product. They are not critical


During these tests,
(as well as having the radio always far from the receiver)I can confirm to exclude the satellites and cables and ESD STATIC, because I also have a Spirit pro mounted on a trex 500 and I took the satellite and the cables I used on the microspirit and attached them to the Spirit pro and I also did tests for see in the log if there were problems, and I've never had any problems, warnings or anything else.

Not happy, I also thought, that was some socket where the jst enter,(on the microspirit) maybe a little weak, but at least those were visually perfect, and I was also careful that they were pushed in until all end.then I excluded cables and satellite servos and esc during the tests, I was left to understand just because the unit behaved in that way.It was also slap on the table as soon as I connected the lipo, to have the warning in the log "signal receveir lost", and I finally found that when I connect the lipo and I do not touch anything, and immediately open the diagnostic tab and look for log, the log always comes out clean.

At the end I concluded that the initialization of the unit is very, but very, sensitive and starts immediately as soon as you connect the lipo and a minimum vibration or movement of the unit, generates the warning "signal lost receveir" often also binds to another warning, power low.

I also want to add that those warning(receveir signal lost the one one front line in the log) , do not affect the control between radio and receiver,
the connection remains strong between tx and rx but are only generated automatically whenever the unit is moved or vibrated during initialization this log with warnings... and not if it is a programming error, but I repeat until now, remain, only warnings, .I add that very likely I will have lost signal because of the inadequate Bec that I had previously. So I do not want to say that the unit does lost the signal radio when that log is generated, but it was a casual discovery after the 3 crashes I had . I'm pretty sure that the crash I had because of the wrong bec, but at the same time, I want to warn you that there are these warnings and Sincerely I do not know whether to take them seriously or not, that is in consideration .. what I took in Consideration strongly was the Bec tester in the soft of unit and fortunately with that I solved.

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