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PostPosted: Mon 07. Aug 2017 2:49:39 

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Hi guys, i have just setup a brand new Spirit pro on my 700 black thunder T. The setup went smooth, servos settings were set to 1520 at 333hz before they were ever plugged in to the spirit (BK DS-7002HV) near new. I fitted a brand new hobbywing Ubec set to 8.4v. tested and confirmed the voltage with a multi meter. Cyclic ring was set and there was no binding at any stage. I setup using the wizzard with the Goblin 700/770 pre set. As i said the setup went well and I checked all settings over and over before my maiden flight.The BEC passed the BEC test also.

Maiden was interesting... spooled up into a hover and was very impressed with how stable it was, made a 4% correction to the tail gain and it was bang on. Flew around a bit to get a feel for it, few little pitch pumps ect and all was going well. Then i tried a tight elevator role on the spot and the heli shook violently, then settled. Tried the same with a eliv role and the same thing... and im talking a HUGE shake like it was about to blow apart, at this point i brought it down and powered off.

So i have looked through all the settings and every thing looks good, cyclic gain is at default 55%. Cyclic travel is at 11 deg, pitch at 12 deg. So i Checked over the heli... also looks fine, grips are both at 0.0 mid stick. Blades are balanced ect, no bent shafts. So i started to bench test the heli and noticed the Eli servo glitching, not responding then jumping around. I unplugged it and plugged in another DS-7002.. all working well. My servo tester confirmed the eli servo is now toast, understandable given the intense shake.

Now the real problem begins... With further testing ive noticed the cyclic servos are shuddering with pitch input, like they have a small shake as they travel up and down. But with cyclic input they run smooth. I have removed them from the heli and tested them with a servo tester and the 2 that survived are fine, just when running through the Spirit they have the shake.

So the question is.... is this unit faulty? or damaged from the eli servo failing due to the shake? Is the unit repairable or possibly even a replacement under warranty? I understand there are so many variables with helis and FBL setup and i dont want to point the finger at the unit.... But I am it a loss as to where to go from here, imo the unit is no longer usable with the shudder, and yes i have tried different servos and it dose the same thing.

Thanks guys. Sorry about the long message I just wanted to be clear about how thoroughly Ive tested this to conclude there is an issue with the unit.

EDIT: A few more facts...

!st- I want to add that before the shaking started this is the smoothest FBL that i have tried, props to you spirit. :D

2nd- It was mounted with the supplied 3M tape, with the wires secured to avoid vibration.

3rd- While the servos were new with this build, im aware there is a chance that the eli servo was fualty from previous flights despite showing no signs on bench testing. The load of real flight cannot be produced on the bench so I want to be clear to those that read this and say I cannot be 100% sure that this was a direct result of the Spirit. It is possible that the servo failed for other reasons and that caused the mentioned fault in the Spirit.

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