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Version 1.3.0 released!
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Author:  ZeXx86 [ Wed 30. Sep 2015 19:58:40 ]
Post subject:  Version 1.3.0 released!

Version 1.3.0 was released!

It brings many new features and improvements:
  • Spirit Pro support!
  • New sensor data processing.
  • Improved flight behavior and precision.
  • Improved Governor:
    • Max. parameter range was extended (has to be reconfigured).
    • New feed forward algorithm for immediate response and superior performance.
    • Support for more sensors.
    • Spoolup rate can be configured with higher precision.
    • Governor is activated at 40%+ TC.
    • Governor can be enabled/disabled between banks (check settings between banks!).
    • Improved bailout feature.
  • Throttle settings are available for disabled governor too:
    • Frequency can be configured to obtain much better performance.
    • Throttle Range - Max. value can be configured to 150 for disabled governor.
  • Channel Mapping was improved to display current channel values.
  • Improved Wizard:
    • Saving of the settings is available anytime with CTRL+S.
    • Unit can be disconnected anytime during the process of setup.
  • BEC tester was improved to determine if the power supply is sufficient.
  • New bank comparison feature.
  • New bootloader.
  • New secure format for the firmware.
  • New firmware flash procedure:
    • Much more secure (encryption, data integrity verification).
    • Firmware can be flashed easily even when any kind of failure occured previously (with the new recovery mode).
  • Improved Rescue and Stabilisation mode:
    • Stabilisation hovering level can be manipulated to a higher extent.
    • Rescue (Normal) has 1.5s climb out as with Acro mode.
    • Improved precision with more level corrections.
  • Improved UDI protocol compatibility.
  • Support for next channel in PWM connection with Spirit Pro.
  • New Rudder end-points setup.
  • Additional features with Spirit Pro..

Changes from previous version 1.2.0 in your settings:
  • All settings from the previous version are untouched. You do not need to re-configure anything.

You can download it from our web pages!

New JETI Binary file is available here:

Author:  ZeXx86 [ Sun 04. Oct 2015 22:14:18 ]
Post subject:  Re: Version 1.3.0 released!

New update 1.3.1 released right now!

  • New parameter Acro Delay for the Rescue (Normal) mode.
  • Fixed minor problems with the software:
    • Bank comparison will show Holding performance.
    • Software is installed to "Spirit Settings" directory.
    • Flashing procedure is faster.

Author:  ZeXx86 [ Wed 14. Oct 2015 12:15:28 ]
Post subject:  Re: Version 1.3.0 released!

Jeti file was updated to reflect changes in 1.3.1 version.

You can download it here:

Author:  ZeXx86 [ Mon 09. Nov 2015 8:47:27 ]
Post subject:  Re: Version 1.3.0 released!

New update 1.3.2 released right now!
  • Governor Improvements:
    • More precise spool up algorithm.
    • Throttle frequency of 333Hz is running faster now.
    • New RPM Sensor Filter parameter.
    • New Autorotation Bailout parameter.
  • Software Improvements:
    • Updated tooltips for some parameters.
    • Fixed configuration problem with Acro Delay on the Windows platform.
    • Software can recognize wider range of COM ports on the Windows platform.
    • Application name was changed on the OS X platform.
    • And many small fixes and improvements.
  • Better EX Bus compatibility with REX receivers.
  • Limit for Main Loop Hang Occured event was increased.

Jeti BIN file can be downloaded here:

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