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[ Version 2.7.0 released! ]
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Author:  ZeXx86 [ Fri 22. Nov 2019 19:06:38 ]
Post subject:  [ Version 2.7.0 released! ]

New version 2.7.0 was released!

  • Spirit Settings startup:
    • Software startup procedure was updated to be more user friendly.
  • Spirit Settings - Diagnostic tab:
    • Diagnostic tab was redesigned for a better clarity.
    • All features are displayed in the Diagnostic tab to see whether they are enabled and engaged.
    • Gyro Gain bar will display also a negative values.
  • Spirit Settings - Stabi tab:
    • Stabi tab was redesigned for a better clarity.
    • Flybar Mechanic parameter was moved to the Expert settings.
    • Unused parameters for selected function are not visible.
  • Spirit Settings - Rescue Wizard:
    • New Rescue Wizard for easy set up of the Rescue mode.
    • The Wizard can be accessed when Stabi/Function = Disabled.
    • Pilot can automatically set Rescue to be engaged by a negative Gyro Gain or a Dedicated Channel.
  • Spirit Settings - Automatic Save:
    • FIX: Fixed connection stability when a parameter values were changing very quickly.
  • Spirit Settings - Pirouette Consistency:
    • Parameter range was enlarged to 50 - 250 which is helpful for motor-driven tail rotors.
  • Spirit Settings - Bank Switching:
    • FIX: GeoLink support configuration can be changed only with Bank 0.
    • FIX: GeoLink Mounting position can be changed only with Bank 0.
    • FIX: Rendering for GeoLink Correction Gains is correct when disabled in Bank 1 and 2.
  • Spirit Settings - Setup Wizard:
    • Preset for T-Rex 150 was updated.
    • Setup Wizard has support for configuring Cyclic Pulse.
    • Improved transition during connection with unit for the first time.
  • Spirit Settings - GeoLink Map tab:
    • Mouse smoothing algorithm was improvement for a better user experience when changing map position.
  • Spirit Settings for Linux:
    • Updated runtime library for supporting the latest Linux distributions.
  • Rescue mode update:
    • New parameter Rescue Duration for configuring how long the Rescue mode should last when engaged.
    • After elasped Duration the model will smoothly change collective pitch to Hovering.
    • Collective Pitch for the Rescue can be configured with 1% step now.
    • Rescue will behave in the same manner if you will not enable the Rescue Duration.
  • Kontronik Jive telemetry:
    • FIX: Head Speed calculation was corrected for some Jive ESCs.
  • GeoLink Auto Landing update:
    • Default value was changed to 25.
  • GeoLink Geo-fence update:
    • Geo-fence can be configured with 4 arbitrary points.
    • Pilot can set Geo-fence exactly according flying field.
    • During programming with radio swashplate is indicating which corner should be programmed. All 4 corners must be programmed. Then the Spirit status LED light will remain steady On.
    • Prevent from programming points with radio that are too close.
    • Upon reaching the limit helicopter will return at the center of the area.
    • Once helicopter will return to the area pilot can overtake steering immediately and continue without disengaging the feature.
    • Geo-fence area will reset if too big.
    • NOTE: Please set Geo-fence again after updating to 2.7.0 (if used).
  • OpenTX integration update:
    • FIX: S.Port connection with FrSky RX8R Pro receiver is working properly on all Spirit units now.

GeoLink users: After update from any previous version please set Geo-fence again.

Update for the Spirit units, Radio Integration is available in our Download section.

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