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[ Version 2.6.0 released! ]
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Author:  ZeXx86 [ Sun 09. Dec 2018 10:26:03 ]
Post subject:  [ Version 2.6.0 released! ]


New version 2.6.0 was released!

  • GeoLink connection:
    • Connection stability in the Spirit Settings with a small Spirit units was improved noticeably.
    • Spirit Flight Log events when GeoLink connection is broken are updated.
  • GeoLink precision:
    • GeoLink precision can be optionally improved by adjusting Compass Heading Correction parameter.
    • If the module is calibrated but a circle-like maneuver during Return to Home, Position Hold, Geo-fence, Auto Landing is present it can be corrected now.
    • In case that model will fly to an undesired direction for whatever reason a new algorithm to correct the problem will engage.
  • GeoLink Auto Landing:
    • New feature for autonomous landing of the model!
    • Model will stop and land at a spot where the feature was engaged.
    • NOTE: More details in the GeoLink manual.
  • GeoLink Return to Home:
    • New Home position programming will not trigger if pilot will engage the mode when flying and then perform landing.
    • Programming will trigger only if Return to Home feature was disengaged.
  • GeoLink Geo-fence:
    • New Geo-fence points programming will not trigger if pilot will engage the mode when flying and then perform landing.
    • Programming will trigger only if Geo-fence feature was disengaged.
  • GeoLink Altitude Limit:
    • New algorithm for Altitude Limit Rescue triggering.
    • Altitude measurement was improved to allow correct operation with any model.
    • Rescue is disengaged as soon as the model is beyond configured Min. level.
    • Rescue Collective Pitch can be configured in the GeoLink/Aid tab now.
  • Spirit Settings - Channel Mapping:
    • Support for 16 channels with all digital protocols!
    • 16 channels available with Spektrum DSM2/X, SRXL/SUMD, SBUS, EX BUS protocols.
  • Spirit Settings - Special features:
    • Possibility to assign up to 6 special features!
    • Pilot can engage 2 times more features with a dedicated channels.
    • Configuration of the Special features is more clean now. Unused options are not visible.
    • NOTE: Mapping for all Special features are cleared after the update. Please set them again.
  • Spirit Settings - Language:
    • New German translation (Big thanks to Erik Graus).
  • Jeti UDI-16 and SRXL-16 protocol:
    • 16 channel protocols are fully supported now.
  • New Futaba S.BUS2 verification:
    • S.BUS2 connection can be detected automatically at any point - during or after initialization.
  • New Futaba S.BUS2 Telemetry:
    • Telemetry is compatible with all Futaba FASSTest radios now.
  • Spektrum Telemetry:
    • Spektrum telemetry was updated to hide unused telemetry variables. Voice alerts will not trigger for unused variables.
  • JETI integration:
    • Import and Export of the Settings file is working now.
  • OpenTX integration:
    • Log Viewer events are translated.
  • New Kontronik TelMe ESC Telemetry:
    • Brand new protocol from Kontronik ESCs is fully supported with all Spirit units.
    • TelMe protocol is supported by Kontronik Kolibri, Jive Pro and Kosmik ESCs.
    • Available for Spektrum, Futaba, Jeti, Graupner and FrSky radios.
    • Telemetry cable with JST connector is connected at the primary Satellite port.
    • CABLE: Cable provided with the ESC can be used together with JST-Servo cable.
    • CABLE: Old Telem KONTRONIK cables can be used together with JST-Servo and a small modification.
    • CABLE: New Telem KONTRONIK v2 cable is available in our eshop.
    • NOTE: No Kontronik TelMe module is needed. Only the cable between ESC and Spirit unit.
  • ESC Telemetry update:
    • BEC current is now available as a Telemetry variable with selected models of Castle, YGE and Kontronik ESCs.
    • Available for Spektrum and HoTT radios.
  • Backup Oscillator:
    • Flight log will display notification if a Backup oscillator is used.

It is necessary to set the Special features again (if used) after the update from a previous version.

Update for the Spirit units, Wifi-Link, Radio Integration is available in our Download section.

NOTE: Spektrum radios require 22ms binding in order to get more than 10 channels.

Author:  ZeXx86 [ Sun 06. Jan 2019 11:25:37 ]
Post subject:  Re: [ Version 2.6.0 released! ]

New version 2.6.1 was released!

  • Futaba S-BUS receiver changing:
    • Receiver type can be changed while connection with unit is recovered.
  • Support for 760us Cyclic servos:
    • All Spirit units have full support for 760us Cyclic servos.
  • Spirit Settings - Setup Wizard:
    • Goblin Fireball preset was updated.

You do not have to change any settings after update from the previous version 2.6.0.

Update for the Spirit units is available in our Download section.

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