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 Post subject: Version 2.0 released!
PostPosted: Mon 22. Feb 2016 11:07:41 
Site Admin

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Version 2.0.0 was released!

We have achieved another milestone in the development! Version 2 arrived right now with a major bunch of news and improvements.
The update is available right now for everyone!

  • Major configuration improvements:
    • The Setup Wizard was redesigned to be perfectly simple and strightforward.
    • Parameters such as Pirouette Optimization and Sensor Compensations are past.
    • Directions of the Rescue collective pitch and Revomix are preconfigured automatically.
    • Spirit know a default transmitter reverses and travel ranges of a famous brands.
    • Channel deflections in the Diagnostic tab are based on the real sticks movement.
    • Parameter Position has 8 independent mounting options.
    • Servo reverses and Swashplate were extended.
  • Governor:
    • Algorithms were completely redesigned to improve the reaction time.
    • Throttle Range has a new units [microseconds] (see ESC specification).
    • RPM changing is significantly faster now.
    • Autorotation Bailout has no limitations now. (Activated with TC 12% and more)
    • Better immunity for a RPM sensor noise.
    • New parameter called Spoolup rampup for the smoothest spoolup start.
  • Stabilisation:
    • All stabilisation modes were improved to be even more useful.
    • Stabilisation (Acro) allow to perform even more acrobatics with aid.
    • New Stabilisation (Scale) for a scale flying simulation.
    • New kind of stabilisation called Coaxial for coaxial-like flying.
  • Rescue (Normal) has a bigger preference to use aileron.
  • Possibility to set the Failsafe directly in the software.
  • Spektrum satellites compatibility was enhanced.
  • Support for the AR7700 receiver with Spektrum SRXL protocol.
  • New events in the Flight log:
    • Detection for any corrupted received frame.
    • Checking for excess noise from the RPM Sensor.
  • Added support for the Velos model.
  • New parameter called Rotor Rotation Direction.
  • Subtrim and Servo Travel Correction corespond with a real servo movement now.
  • Graphical hints were updated.
  • Support for FreeBSD operating system.
  • Possibility to run the software even with 800x600 pixel resolution.
  • Configration of the rudder end-points was improved to prevent from binding.
  • New notification of a non-optimal cyclic and rudder ranges.
  • And much more!

To perform update from 1.X we recommend to use the latest 2.0 software.

After the update it is necessary to re-adjust the following:
  • Channel reverses and Travel ranges in the transmitter (default settings are recommended)
  • Position
  • Swashplate (Check the servo connection)
  • Servo Reverse
  • Subtrim (tuning)
  • Throttle Range (including ESC re-calibration) and possibly Governor. (if used)

Spirit System developer

PostPosted: Wed 16. Mar 2016 9:43:18 
Site Admin

Joined: Mon 29. Apr 2013 16:06:44
Posts: 8756
Update 2.0.1 was released!

  • Support for a Trailing Edge rotor heads and rotor heads with a mixing arms.
  • Fixed detection of the first start for some units (under MS Windows).
  • Governor not disabled when throttle hold is disarmed during initialization.
  • Small improvements in the configuration software.

After update from version 2.0.0 you do not have to change anything.
You can download it from our web pages!

New JETI Binary file is available here:

Spirit System developer

PostPosted: Sun 26. Jun 2016 19:59:12 
Site Admin

Joined: Mon 29. Apr 2013 16:06:44
Posts: 8756
Update 2.0.2 was released!

  • Full support for Spirit Wifi-Link:
    • Press CTRL+W to set the IP address and then restart the software to establish the connection.
    • Support for firmware flashing, Spectrum Analysis and all things you know from the PC software.
  • Improved interface scanning in the Spirit Settings:
    • Interface scanning is now fully independent and in case of any problem device can be skipped.
    • Bluetooth modules in the Sleep state will not cause problems anymore.
  • Updated connection schemes:
    • Receiver schemes were updated to be more clear.
    • Servo connection is described separately with respect to the model.
  • Improved Governor:
    • New over-speeding protection algorithm.
    • More constant head-speed holding performance.
  • Jeti Integration:
    • Improved compatibility with the EX Bus protocol - Jeti Integration for REX receivers.
    • Fixed Throttle Failsafe in a certain configuration with EX Bus.
    • Fixed Bank Switching for REX receivers when Jeti Integration menu was active.
    • New parameter Rudder Gain can be now adjusted similarly as in the PC software.
    • Increased speed of the Integration menu.
  • Spirit Pro improvements:
    • Better noise rejection for PWM and PPM receiver types.
  • Automatic frequency scalling and backup components:
    • Processor in the unit can automaticaly change its frequency on demand.
    • Even better durability - units can automatically use a backup components.
  • New helicopter presets in the Wizard:
    • New presets for Oxy 3, Gaui NX4, Goblin 770, Protos Max.
    • Updated presets for all T-Rex helicopters, Logo 550, Logo 600, Goblin 700.
  • Native support of the Spirit Settings for Raspberry Pi 1/2/3.
  • Online Manual available.
  • And much more!

You can download everything from our web pages!
New Jeti file is also available there.

Spirit System developer

PostPosted: Mon 04. Jul 2016 15:37:15 
Site Admin

Joined: Mon 29. Apr 2013 16:06:44
Posts: 8756
Update 2.0.3 was released!

  • Presets in the wizard were fixed.

Only software was updated. Firmware and Jeti BIN file is unchanged (still 2.0.2).

Spirit System developer

PostPosted: Mon 25. Jul 2016 17:43:11 
Site Admin

Joined: Mon 29. Apr 2013 16:06:44
Posts: 8756
New Jeti file is available right now!
It brings German language support and few minor tweaks.

You can download it from this link:

Spirit System developer

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