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Beginner to FBL and Spirit Pro
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Author:  georgia_hdman [ Mon 26. Nov 2018 15:16:14 ]
Post subject:  Beginner to FBL and Spirit Pro

Hello, I am new to FBL systems and I am new to Spirit Pro.

I am methodically going through the setups with Spirit Pro and my Trex-550 on the workbench.

So far, I have all of the servos moving in the right direction, and the swash plate is leveled.

There is a behavior that I do not understand. Hoping you can help.

When I move the cyclic the swash moves exactly as I expect it to... right, left, forward, aft.

However, when I release the stick to center, the swash does not immediately return to center. It takes a full second or two for the swash to slowly recenter itself.

I am a bit confused by this. Is this normal?


Author:  ZeXx86 [ Mon 26. Nov 2018 15:22:12 ]
Post subject:  Re: Beginner to FBL and Spirit Pro

Hello Jim,

yes, this behavior is perfectly correct. It is common between FBL units. For beginners it is strange but it is present because model is not moving at all.
While in the air it will move to a desired position so this slow movement will be not there.

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