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[Solved] Rescue bank doesn’t work as expected
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Author:  Kluftinger [ Wed 16. May 2018 15:51:00 ]
Post subject:  [Solved] Rescue bank doesn’t work as expected

Over the last eight month I built up four helicopters (250 and 450 size) with Spirit FBL systems and two of them did not really pitch up well, when I hit the momentary switch on my DX7g2.

For documentation and comparison, I put all adjustments of bank 0 (stabilization) of all four helicopters in an excel sheet, but there was no significant discrepancy visible.

Then I uploaded the actual file from bank 0 to the Spirit reader beta and made print outs.
As a next step I uploaded the bank 1 file (rescue) to the reader and compared it with the print out from bank 0.

Each of the two birds with almost no pitch for Rescue had a weird adjustment that “somebody” must have made. ;)
One had under Limits a Pitch Range of 110 instead of 140 (b0) and under Advanced a Rudder Delay of 8 instead of 2 (b0). The second one had a Pitch Range of 65 instead of 140 (b0).

Lesson learned:
Make always sure you do an adjustment in the right bank. Check twice.
You need to monitor also the Rescue bank adjustments for troubleshooting!

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