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Tail tuning video
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Author:  torpis [ Mon 04. Dec 2017 9:54:36 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tail tuning video

ZeXx86 wrote:
Thank you for your updates!

You have did big piece of work. From our experience it is not needed to buy any super strong servos. Actually it is better to have just as fast as possible. If the mechanics is working really smoothly, it can work well even with slower servo.
But it all depends on your requirements. If you want to make it work with too low RPM it is hard always.
Normally it is working usually in the first flight already quite good for the most pilots. So they are actually telling us that it is easier than with any other gyro, hehe :)

I have found that as soon as pilot have to use revomix, something is wrong. Unfortunately in some models it is uneasy to make the mechanics working well.
Some models have tight ball linkages but less experienced pilot will think it is just good since it is new - it must be good :) But it is usually the main reason why tail can't work well.
Even after hundred of flights they will work still tightly. Next thing is how the mechanics is behaving during spinning - this can make extremely big difference too.

Thank you for your reply again,

I agree with you. The setup and understanding of the gyro is simple. Only the tail kick that is harder. I used the diagnostics and found a great vibration on the stock setup. Tail assembly/drive vibrating. With new tail slider and the stretch the vibration is virtually gone. Machine runs smooooth.

I also agree on the revomix, should not be needed. I also understand that when the tail stall the gyro does what it can but the tail can not give the desired power. I wonder why the tail not stalling can not hold.

I asked on helifrek forum too, where one user had the same experiences as I do, later bought more goblins and more spirits, but no reply yet. Will be interesting to get more clues.

Would it be possible to make a selftuning tail? gyro could observe oscillations or kicks and map the tail parameters, the "gains" in closed loop.

Author:  ZeXx86 [ Mon 04. Dec 2017 10:06:45 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tail tuning video

Gyro Gain is already self tuning to some extent so for some helicopter you need just one gain and it will work for all head speeds.
The tail will not work well if there is bad mechanical geometry. This mean that servo arm length and neutral position is crucial.
For some gyros configuration A is better, for some configuration B is better. But gyros that are working well with A can't work well with B and vice versa. Then you can spend a lot of tuning and it will be never absolutely perfect.

For Spirit you can find good geometry by checking the tail limits. With goblins it is usually better to get shorter arm for Spirit and also very important is correct mechanical center.
If these two things are good, you will only have to set approximately good values for Rudder Delay/Pirouette Consistency that are recommended in our guides/manuals and then it will just work.

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